Instructions to Authors

The Taiwanese Journal for Studies of Science, Technology and Medicineis a bilingual and biannual peer-reviewed journal devoted to the interdisciplinary studies of science, technology, and medicine. Our special interests are the ways in which the Taiwanese and Chinese build their scientific, technological and medical systems to both understand and control nature, the ways in which Western systems of knowledge and practices have been transferred to Taiwan and China, and the ways in which the Taiwanese and Chinese deal with STM-related issues in their culturally and historically specific contexts. Related articles on other countries are also welcome.

Manuscripts in Microsoft Word format should be submitted electronically to the editor ( Manuscript should not exceed 9,000 words in length, not counting notes, tables, and charts. The title page should include the title of the article, the author’s full name, affiliations, and address for correspondence. An abstract of no more than 300 wordsand up to five keywords should be given on a separate page. The author’s name should appear only on the title page.

Citations in the text should give author's name and the year of publication: (Pateman, 1970) or (Pateman, 1970: 100-111). All direct quotations should have a page reference.

The list of references should be supplied as in the following examples:

Sole-authored book:

Carroll, Patrick (2006). Science, Culture, and Modern State Formation. Berkeley: The University of California Press.

Co-authored book:

Mackenzie, Donald and Judy Wajcman, eds. (1985). The Social Shaping of Technology. Milton Keynes: Open University Press.

Chapter in edited collection:

Anderson, Warwick (2000). The ‘Third-World’ Body. In Medicine in the Twentieth Century, edited by Roger Cooter and John Pickstone. Amsterdam: Harwood Academic, pp. 235–246.

Journal article:

Fishman, Jennifer R. (2004). Manufacturing Desire: The Commodificationof Female Sexual Dysfunction. Social Studies of Science 34(2): 187-218.

Conference paper:

Juraku Kohta and Tatsujiro Suzuki (2006). Social Decision Making Process on Nuclear Power Policy in Japan: Case Studies in Local Contexts. Paper presented at EASTS Conference, Taipei.

MA and PhD dissertation:

Fan, Fa-ti (1999). British Naturalists in China, 1760-1910. Ph.D., Dissertation, University of Wisconsin-Medison, Department of History.

Electric citation:

Harrison, Mark (2002). Book Review of Leprosy in Colonial South India: Medicine and Confinement. Retrieved September 25, 2007. http://www.